To be a sperm donor

If you are a male above the age of 18, who does not suffer from any genetic diseases you can help thousands of single women or couples start a family.

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Why donate sperm?

If you're thinking about becoming a sperm donor, we first encourage you to assess your reasons for wishing to do so. The main reasons for becoming a donor are:

  1. Helping others create a family.
  2. Parenting without the responsibility of raising a child.
  3. Economic reward.

Sperm donor website: date& 

At date&procreate our members become sperm donors for the first two reasons, and they also get to meet the recipient of their sperm. 

It is recommended that you specify the donation method you want to use:

  1. Artificial insemination: have to ejaculate into a sterile container so that the sperm will beinseminated artificially either at home or in a specialized clinic.
  2. Sexual relationship: some people prefer to conceive naturally.

In both cases, it is strongly recommended that both parties have a prior medical checkup and undergo fertility tests before any contact has been made ?.

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