Looking for sperm donor

Looking for a sperm donor

Knowing the person that your child will receive half of their DNA from can be very rewarding and prove to create a more natural and closer bond than going to a sperm bank, a place many single and lesbian couples go for artificial insemination.  

Come to terms

If you are interested in sperm donors, it is important to establish from the start whether the donor wishes to have contact with your future child, and whether you wish for the donor to be the child’s legal father. 

Therefore, we recommend signing an agreement beforehand outlining your wishes, it is very useful to set out your expectations of each other and you can also use the agreement as evidence in the unfortunate case of a dispute. 

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Health Check

Having a health check is very important in order to protect not only your childs health, but also your own. 

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 If you choose this option, be sure to indicate how you would like to conceive (artificial insemination or intercourse).

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