Co-parenting or shared parenting, in the strictest sense of the term, is a system that allows a distribution of rights and custody over a child, and is common among parents who are not a couple. 

It may be an agreement between two or more people who choose to have and raise a child without living together. 

Traditionally, co-parenting came into play when the parents became separated or divorced, but is now becoming an option for many people, whether heterosexual or homosexual, single or couples, who want to become a parent and decide to join together with the aim of embarking upon parenthood.

 This is a very positive decision for the future child, as both biological parents meet with a common goal: procreation.

 In these cases it is very important that the parties define in advance their individual roles in the growth and development of the child. 

If this is the option you have decided upon, it is recommended that you indicate your choice of conception (artificial insemination or intercourse). 

The more details you specify, the morelikely it is that you'll find the person or partner with whom to share this wonderful experience.

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For single men and women

Many people have not found the right partner to have a child with and feel that now are in the stage of their life where they would like to bring a child into the world. date&procreate   aims to help you do just that. 

Whether you're a woman who would like to have a second parent involved in your child’s life, or a man who wants to be recognised and be involved as the father of a child, this is the right place to do it.

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Although there is only one sperm donor and one recipient woman, shared parenting may involve more than two people. Sperm donation can be made between a man and a heterosexual couple, a gay couple and a single woman, or between a lesbian couple and a single man.

 Another option would be when two gay couples agree to have a child in common.

In all cases before any insemination takes place there must be an agreement between all parties involved about all aspects of the growth and development of the child. 

The level of responsibility of the parents will depend on several factors. We recommend that, as with any relationship, full and open communication is established from the beginning to determine the responsibilities of everyone involved. 

If you are a gay or lesbian couple, shared parenting is becoming an increasingly popular option.

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Co-parenting agreement

As a co-parent without an existing romantic attachment to the other party, you are is a slightly less usual situation yet privileged in that you have been able to agree in advance to all aspects of having your child.

 Because there are no laws governing this kind of co-parental relationship, we recommend that you seek legal advice and have the parenting agreement with the second party of choice legalised.

Each relationship between members is unique and the parties will no doubt have specific concerns which need to be addressed, there are some fundamental questions we recommend addressing early on to avoid possible difficulties arising:

  1.  Who will be present at the birth?
  2.  What will the childs name be?
  3.  What will be the living arrangements for the child?
  4.  Will you hire a nanny?
  5.  What are the economic responsibilities of the parties?
  6.  Will the child go to a public or private school?
  7.  Will you instill any religion on the child?