About Us

What is date&procreate?

date&procreate is a social networking site that has been created to offer an alternative method of starting a family for all those who, for whatever reason, have been unable to do so by traditional methods.

Our aim is to end the stigmatization that upon reaching a certain age, single people should have to give up their natural desire to build a family and have children because they have not found the right person to embark on the journey with. 

Some people may find themselves in a relationship they don’t particularly enjoy because there’s a prospect of having children, or attending fertility clinics as a single hopeful parent, however there are other choices. We are talking about sharing the oldest and most innate part of humanity, and that is to procreate with a secondary partner. 

And guess what, there are thousands of people in the world who are in this same boat; this is where we come in to help.

Our Aim

At date&procreate we want to revolutionise procreation as we know it. Instead of starting a relationship and then having to face objections as to how you would like to raise your child, as well as paternity/maternity issues, our aim is to join people together who share the same desire in all these aspects. 

According to personal characteristics, we will facilitate you to find the person that best matches what you are looking for. Many couples also experience fertility problems and can utilize the services at date&procreate to find sperm donors.

We believe that having a model of open co-parenting will have many positive effects on the future child, for instance: experiencing being raised by two parents who have a civil and positive relationship because they know from the start their role in the union, and that its sole purpose is to share the gift that is their child.

A new type of Family!

There are people around the world who have already achieved this type of parenting and find that it feels very natural. 

Co-parenting is a new family model that is just as effective and satisfying as traditional modes of starting a family. All a person needs to develop and grow is love, understanding and support; this modern family model offers all of that in the same way a conventional family does.

The foundation for establishing this is having good open communication, a great deal of honesty, and a willingness to normalise new situations and questions that arise.

date&procreate aims to be a trusted, fully independent and autonomous site acting as a platform to unite people who share the same desires to start their family. 

We welcome you to date&procreate.

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