Why do you need Co-parenting

IVF has been heavily reported, being publicised in BBC’s Panorama for ‘add-on’ treatments offered by clinics costing thousands of pounds and showing no increase in your chances of having a baby. Its very co-incidental that this story has come out recently, as a friend of mine who recently had her first child was very against IVF for this reason.

My friend, let’s call her Alison, is very head strong and practical therefore she didn’t buy into the dreams they sell you at the majority of the IVF clinics. Its sad really, many people go in there vulnerable looking for help in order to conceive a child, a lot of these clinics play on the emotions of the people desperate for a child and persuade them into spending thousands on treatments they don’t need. 

In addition to this, you have your hormones manipulated and undue stress put on the body. 

In Alison’s case, she was a divorcee in her 40’s and wanted to have her first baby. One of her reservations about having a child was going through it alone, both the pregnancy and raising her child, but then she thought all couples who are divorced with children are co-parents working together to raise their child. 

She didn’t want to marry again and having a romantic partner wasn’t her priority at the time but that didn’t mean she couldn’t find someone to co-parent her child with her. 

Alison’s reality has made me re-think co-parenting and look at the way it’s viewed by society. 

We as a society view co-parenting as an alien thought process, which is bizarre as 60% of all married couples divorce and all of those with kids co-parent. So really what is the difference? At least there is no animosity between the parents this way right? It has changed my thought process that’s for sure. 

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