Together at last

Where do I start! It has been my lifelong dream to be a parent, iv always just wanted a child of my own but due to the way my life unfolded it just didn’t look like it was in the cards for me anytime soon, I’m a 35 year old divorcee who had no children from the marriage.

 I know using a sperm donor is always an option but wanted that support from the second parent to help raise our child together, I wanted our child to know both parents. When I found this site I was quite surprised to see the services they offered because its not really one that you see quite often, “find a co-parent”.

Well, aren’t I glad I did find this site because I HAVE found my co-parent! We met through the site and within 2 months decided to go ahead and have a baby together, we start the process this week and I could not be more excited, nervous, thrilled, ecstatic, everything! 

Such a life changing service you offer at date&procreate thank you so much, I owe you one!

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