I want to be a mother and I do not know how

More and more women decide to be single mothers while knowing the economic, social and employment disadvantages that this option may entail.

 The maternal instinct seems to overcome any cons and doubts in their mind for example how to become a single mother; how to find a semen donor, what kind of semen donor to use and how they wish to conceive.

The three main reasons fuelling a woman’s desire to become a single mother or use a sperm donor is: it is their lifelong dream to have a child, they have not found the ideal partner to have children with or they are homosexual.

Sperm donation is the route that most women go down. 

Going to an anonymous donor is an option, but more and more women prefer to know the donor; the reason being the wellness of their future child. 

It may be that the child is faced with a serious illness or wants to know about their heritage, and knowing the identity of the sperm donor will assist with these issues.

For many years, women who want to be mothers resort to fertility treatments in specialised clinics. 

Multiple studies have revealed the negative consequences that such treatments can have on the body of the mother, not to mention the high economic and emotional cost they face.

There are however natural options out there; dateandprocreate are here to help facilitate you in finding a sperm donor. 

 By contacting other members of dateandprocreate whether individually or through the forums, prospective parents discover that many other individuals share in their doubts and worries.

 Doubts that are even found in potential sperm donors, men who also want to be single parents, and in many cases those who want to engage in co-parenting.

 Platforms like dateandprocreate invites all women who want to be mothers by election to enjoy our network of users, both sperm donors and future moms, to ask them all kinds of questions related to artificial or natural insemination, donor selection or co-parenting.

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