Natural human procreation: the norm as we currently know it

Some women who want to be mothers by way of sperm donation are often taken aback by the donors who offer to carry out the insemination through sexual intercourse. However it is more common then one may think. 

Natural methods of conception

Anyone going through the sperm donation process is advised to be safe and take extra precautions and be viligant in their search, however there are some sperm donors out there that offer the option to reproduce through natural methods of conception.

According to a study by Reprobank, three main reasons that make a man consider donating were noted:

1. Economic motivation. The financial compensation is usually offered to the donors by the sperm banks, however this reason was considered to be the least important of the three.

2. Personal history. Some sperm donors are looking for a way to alleviate problems other people face by way of fertility. This may be due to the fact that

they have witnessed these problems through others close to them (for example brothers, friends, uncles, etc.) or they themselves have come from an adopted family. For these types of sperm donors; they like to give back to families or individuals who cannot reproduce on their own.

3. Reproductive health. The vast majorities of donors are curious about their own general and reproductive health and also wish to help people reproduce in the same process. They tend to have less of a traditional viewpoint towards society and want to be part of a new and modern way of life

They are usually students who also donate blood, volunteer and get involved in other social assistance programs.

In short, it is very important that those who choose to donate do so with a genuine motivation as the only real purpose of their donation is to fulfill the dreams of other people who are not lucky enough to have a child without help.

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