Our new family life

I wanted to share our family success story. My husband and I have
been married for 5 years and had been trying to conceive naturally for
around 2 years. 

After the first year we visited a fertility specialist,
after the tests we were told that my husband had a very low sperm count,
we were given a few options and one was ways to increase sperm count. 

 Still hopeful that we could conceive naturally we tried out the methods
the doctors recommended to try and increase my husbands sperm count.

a year later we had no progress, we finally decided it was time to look
at other options.Using a sperm donor was always a daunting option for
us, as while you know the basics of who you are picking there is always
an element of unfamiliarity. 

We came across date&procreate who were
quite original in suggesting the a couple can meet and get to know the
sperm donor personally before going ahead with anything, so we decided
to give it a try. We met a few potential sperm donors who we eventually
decided weren’t a fit for us.

 A few months down the line we found the
one! There was an instant connection between us, it was very comfortable
like we had all been childhood friends. After 2 tries of insemination
we are 31 weeks pregnant (and rather large I might add) with a boy! We
decided to keep in touch with the sperm donor and send him updates every
now and then with baby boys developments!

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