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The scenario today is a woman of 35 years old, with financial and professional independence, who does not want to give up her dreams of being a mother because she does not have a partner. 

If you are in this situation similar to this and you are looking for a sperm donor, here are some guidelines and factors you should keep in mind:

1. Knowing the donor semen: It has its advantages. 

The process is not as unfamiliar and cold as it would be in a sperm bank and you have the opportunity to know the donors personality, lifestyle, family ... which is often key for the recipients of the donation. Keep in mind that your child will share the genes of the donor and knowing him directly can facilitate many key moments of the child’s life.

2. Similar Traits: 

Choosing a donor will depend a lot on your preferences as the future mother, you may want your child to inherit some physical features of the donor such as physical build, eye color, hair color or skin color. 

Or personality features and talents that the donor may also possess.

3. Donor health: 

it is essential for your donor to be healthy in every way and not a direct carrier of any disease that could affect the future baby.

 It is therefore imperative, whether you know of any possibilities of illness or not, that the donor should perform a medical checkup: seminogram, blood test for at least HIV, VDRL and hepatitis B.

 It is also important to know if you or the donor has any chronic or hereditary diseases and if there are cases of cancer, hypertension or diabetes running in the family.

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4. Donor’s contact with your child:

 We believe that the ideal donor is one who can share in your idea of ??future contact with your child. 

This contact can be anything from a photograph on each birthday or even being part of the child’s life as a friend of the family. 

There are cases where the donor wishes to opt for a combined option between anonymity and presentation, that is, full confidentiality until the child reaches the age of 18, and then, if the young person wishes to know their origin, the donor will accept the child contacting him.

The important thing is that both parties agree. You must also take into account the unfortunate reality that if there is an illness in the family whether it be your own or your child’s, it may be vital to know the identity of the donor.

5. Signing an agreement: 

In order to avoid future problems, we recommend signing a written document between the donor and the recipient, specifying the role of the semen donor, how the artificial insemination process is to be carried out and what the plans will be after the baby is born.

 Whether you want contact to be frequent, sporadic, non-existent or even become co-parents.

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