Happily ever after

My wife and I had been trying to have a baby for a year but nothing was happening, we eventually went to the doctor and I was told that the problem was with me. 

You can imagine what that does to a person, to find out you can’t become a father biologically is heart-breaking. We were devastated; it was the hardest news we have had to hear to date.

But we decided that our journey wouldn’t end there, to be a father is so much more than just sharing the same genes, that’s only a small fraction if not just the starting point! 

After many evenings of in depth discussion and research we decided to look into the option of using a sperm donor

Date&procreate allowed us the opportunity to have a chat with the donor if all of us wanted before going ahead with the process, which is great because it really puts your mind at ease. 

This is a hard enough process as it is, but knowing the other party who is going to help you start your family really is a weight off your shoulders.

My wife is now 15 weeks pregnant with our child and we couldn’t be more excited! We decided that we wouldn’t have any further contact with the donor unless it was for medical reasons and we are all very happy with that choice. 

Thank you for making this so much easier for my family.


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