1. What do
you feel about being both a mother and father at the same time?

It’s a huge
responsibility, especially because I do not know what the father's role traditionally
is in a child’s life. I read a lot about the paternal role and who can simulate
it for example my father, my brother, whether if it is healthy for the child. I
feel a great concern for my child that it does not lack anything so I want to
know, read, and talk to a specialist in psychology. 

But I also think that
during World War II 2% of citizens died, mostly men, millions of children grew
up without a father. I have my doubts, questions still unanswered, of course,
but I know that I can offer a very good life to my son.

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2. What is
your main concern?

possibility of not making my son happy, although I suppose this is also be the
concern of many mothers who do have the father of their child by their side.
Luckily, today we have a lot of help from psychologists who can advise you.

3. What led
you to make this decision?

Well after
a long period of bad luck in my relationships and having reached the age of 44,
I decided to try and have a baby using a semen donor. I was not desperate, as I
have seen other women my age to be, but I knew that if I did not try it I would
always regret it and now I am very happy to have taken the step.

4. How did
your circle of friends and family react?

My family could
not believe it at first, but as my pregnancy got further and further along my
family grew happier for me and were very supportive. My son is about to turn 1
years old and is surrounded by so much love and positivity from my family. My
friends have supported me from the beginning and have been very happy for me.

5. Do you
think that a baby who does not know how society traditionally is, may not miss
his father?

possibility of shaping a new born babies mind is vast, but the child will
always be influenced by its environment and its curiosity. So I want to be
prepared to give my son answers like: You do not have a father, but you have a
mother, uncles, cousins ??and grandparents.

 I think from 4 years old, I will
consult a specialist in child psychology as to how to address these issues with
my child. 

The different types of family are fairly standardized although in the
Mediterranean culture the traditional family is composed of father and mother and
this continues to dominate.

6. Would
you support the initiative to celebrate International Family Day as an
alternative to Father's Day?

Of course,
it is obvious that the family model is changing at a high speed. I do not think
it will be change anytime in the near future, but I do see this to be the end
result long run. 

Change will come, it just takes time.

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