WHAT IS Homo-PARENTAL Family and Mono-PARENTAL family?

What is homo-parental family and mono-parental family?

The homo-parental family is where the parents of the child are a same-sex couple and a mono-parental family is born to a single person (male or female, homosexual or heterosexual) who decides to have a child and raise them without a partner.

 While there is a big difference in the formation of these two types of families, they both share in that they experience a painful and often upsetting lack of acceptance by a large majority of society. In fact there are some countries where these types of parenting are banned and face harsh punishment.

With platforms like date&procreate we aim to change the already evolving view of modern society and act a medium for people to create their own family as a safe and reliable place for a child to grow with love, understanding and support.

How the family was created means very Little and we do not believe any person has the right to be judged by another. The rights of the LGBTQ collective (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) are big supporters and of the homoparental family.

It is through groups like this that little by little it is possible to break old moulds that so many homoparental families are faced with day by day to difficulties that.

These kinds of problems can be solved in a very simple way: 

if the educators (parents, teachers or any other figure of reference) instilled in us the complex reality of the concept of family, the next generation would be free of prejudices; leading to no animosity or prejudice against homoparental or single-parent families with more love and acceptance to the children born within them (yes, those same children whom some politicians, religious and others insist on becoming victims of an imaginary evil).

* What is a coparentality agreement

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