Co-parenting, in the strictest sense of the term, is a principle that allows sharing the rights and custody of a child between parents who are no longer - or have never been - in a couple.

It usually consists of an agreement between two or more people as to how they will raise their child without living together. 

Traditionally, co-parenting or shared parenting came into play when parents separated or divorced, however as society has evolved and become more modernised co-parenting has become a parenting choice for many people; whether they be heterosexual or homosexual, single or in a couple, or those who want to be a parent or decide to embark upon the journey of parenthood with another party who wishes to be a parent. 

Co-parenting is a very positive choice for the child as both parents will have the strong common goal of the happiness and well- being of their child.

It is therefore very important for all parties involved that they agree in advance exactly how the co-parenting will materialize.

 This includes but is not limited to, the role of each parent, how the child will be education, how the child is to be raised, where the child will be raised, financial contributions and the religion of the child. 

It is very important to have all agreements detailed in writing and signed with witnesses.

Because there are no laws that regulate a relationship as co-parents it is imperative to seek legal advice to ensure the legality of the agreement. 

Each relationship is unique and the parties will have specific concerns that need to be addressed, but there are some key issues that we recommend you agree on from the beginning to avoid potential difficulties later on down the line:

1. Health status of the co-parents

2. Who will be present at birth?

3. Baby's name.

4. If the baby is male, will you be circumcised or not?

5. Will you vaccinate your baby, or not?

6. Will you breastfeed your baby and for how long?

7. Order of custody.

8. Will you hire a nanny?

9. Economic Responsibilities of the Parties.

10. Will the child go to a public or private school?

11. Are you going to practice religion with the child?

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