Gwyneth Paltrow and co-parenting

I really want to
have a child but I am worried that I do not have much longer to have a baby. I
have had a very unsuccessful relationship that left me with scars and I do not
want to be in a relationship again. 

I am very content in my life, I have my
parents alive
, I have wonderful hobbies I enjoy like dancing, I also go to the
gym and I have a sister with learning problems that I like to help. 

What I want
now more than anything is to have a child. I know that I can do this alone or
with a co-parent. When I read that Gwyneth Paltrow publically stated her and
her ex had a very good relationship as co-parenting, it seemed to me that being
divorced with children is the same thing as the new form of co-parenting among
adults who have never been or plan to be married

It made me feel better, more
normal, and now I'm starting to look for a male co-parent who wants to have a
child with me, and share our clients love and time. 

It is a shame that this
type of co-parenting is still looked at with side eyes and seen as a very
strange thing, people are scared about it. I do not think there is anything to
worry about, there is nothing different between this and co-parenting after a
divorce. In fact children of divorce have often seen the parents together and
then have to adapt to living separately.

A child of co-parenting as I will do
it will never know how it is to have the parents living together and therefore
this problem is eradicated. 

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