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To be a sperm donor

If you are a male above the age of 18 and does not suffer from any genetic, sexual or any kind of diseases, you could be sperm donor to help woman to have children.

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Looking for sperm donor

If you want to have a child and believe the best option is to look for an sperm donor we recommend you to keep on reading...

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Co-parenting or shared parenting is an agreement between two or more people who choose to have and raise a child without living together.

At dateandprocreate our aim is to join people together who share the same desire in all aspects of raising a child

Your Fertility

The desire to get pregnant is very natural for a woman, but sometimes, it can also be a bit unsettling if you have not conceived within the first few months of trying
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Whether you are the male party (sperm donor or co-parent) or female party in this union, it is a priority to ensure that the health of yourself and of your future child is protected. Before any method of conception has taken place we strongly recommend that you carry out the relevant medical health checks. (Please note if you opt for home insemination, it is essential that you seek medical advice before doing so).
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Co-parenting and sperm donation laws are extremely complex and vary worldwide. The laws are constantly evolving to meet the ever-increasing variety of family structures. Before the experience of creating a family through co-parting, a sperm donor, or donating sperm yourself, we suggest that you research the existing relating laws in your country of residence. The laws concerning to the rights and responsibilities of the biological parents are different depending on the situation you choose to conceive with, so be sure that the laws are suitable for what you desire.
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